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Cards Wild West Show

These cards are revealed when someone plays a Wells Fargo or a Stagecoach, and they stay into play until someone else plays another of those two cards. This implies that, differently from High Noon and A Fistful of Cards, the same effect may affect the play for several turns... which is quite funny especially if there is the Cag in play!


Dorothy Rage

During your turn, you may force another player to play a card. If that player does not have that card, he shows his hand.

Miss Susanna

You must play at least 3 cards in your turn. If not, you lose 1 life point.

Darling Valentine

At the start of your turn, discard your hand and draw the same number of cards.


Play with cards face up (except the Role!).

Helena Zontero

When Helena enters into play, "draw!": on Heart or Diamonds, reshuffle the active Roles except the Sheriff, and redeal them randomly to players.

Lady Rosa del Texas
(Lady Rose of Texas)

You may exchange your sit with the player on your right, who will skip his next turn.


Players cannot speak (however they may gesture, moan...). Whoever talks loses 1 life point.

(Bone Orchad)

At the beginning of his turn, each eliminated player comes back into life with 1 life point. Draw his Role randomly from eliminated players' Roles.

Regolamento di Conti

Alla cards may be played as they were BANG!. BANG! cards may be played as they were Missed!.

Actually, the correct text should be that BANG! card must be played as Missed!, otherwise Suzy Lafayette armed with a Volcanic could shoot the whole deck!

Wild West Show

The goal of all players becomes: "Be the last man standing!".

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